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What Men Want in a Woman to live Happily.

What Men Want in a Woman to live Happily.
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Do you want to be the exquisite woman in your partner’s life? Men and love are like two parallels lines that are interlinked with each other. What men want in a woman is more than just intimacy. An average man prefers a conversation about his work, his feelings, or his dreams. Unfortunately, Men rarely want to look at Subtle and sometimes obvious emotion that affects their lives.

They keep things on the surface so as not to threaten their mask of detached objectivity. Don’t hold this against them. Learn instead to work with a man. 90% 0f men will agree with me that the under-listed tips apply to them. You will stay on track if you follow these rules.

What men want in a woman?

(1) Don’t Suffocate Him:

When a relationship is still young don’t be in a desperate mood to suffocate him with your love. Put bluntly, you have to leave him alone and let him be the one to ask you out. Women are quick to fall in love especially when they see their dream man, the love to impress him.

What men want in a woman is pace. Instead of making yourself constantly available, by seeing him daily. It is best to give him pace, once or twice a week. Don’t send him baskets of snacks or cute cards and balloons or anything else that usually proves you care. Honestly, don’t do anything for him – until he asks you to. A few months later, you can safely surprise him with an act of your affection.

But the rule again is that at the beginning, don’t overdo things for him. It shows your desperation. Men and love are like earth and moon. Give him pace and definitely, he will shine.

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(2) Show Him How Vibrant, Interesting, And Innovative You Are :

What men want in a relationship are Enthusiasm and spontaneity, and they cherish it a lot. From the dawn of time, guys have tried to suppress and control these very qualities. The lady who is vibrant, love makingually, with a good sense of humor is always that woman men find attractive. But she is also the woman men find most intimidating because men worry about their ability to give a lady what they imagine she wants from a man.

Over and over again, ladies say to me “they think most men are afraid of strong, effective, self-confident women”. Yes, they are Ladies and men find it difficult to comprehend. They are too articulate and that makes some men insecure.

What men want in a woman is initiative. To help a man out, take the initiative. Let him understand what interests you? If it suits your style, ask him out. He will like it. Honestly, he will find it innovative and refreshing because, despite the love makingual revolution, most men have never been asked out by a woman. And the vast majority of men say they would welcome such an invitation. It makes a man happy.

(3) Be More of a Playmate and less of a Mother:

Popular wisdom has it that a man needs the love of a tender and accommodating woman who creates peace and tranquility in his life. Wrong! I must say. Most men are preoccupied with their work and the best antidote for all their worries and responsibilities is play.

What men want in a woman is fun. They want to have fun. Men want a lover who is not afraid to ask to compete. To be herself, to express her emotions and desires, provide mental stimulation and enthusiasm about the world. Men and love can never be overemphasized. Men love to play especially when you have won their hearts. They give you the best.

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(4) Focus on the Positive:

At the beginning of a relationship, men are awkward when it comes to expressing feelings. Next to your emotional sophistication, their attempts can look quite feeble. Don’t let that make you unkind. If a man tries to connect with you and he is met with ridicule, he is unlikely to try again.

What men want in a woman is you recognizing their imperfection. Therefore accentuate his positives and try to accept his negatives. If you can’t enjoy him as he is, he is not the man for you. In short, don’t try to improve him. Of course, some men do change, but you can never count on it. Everyone believes he or she is unique and important, and your man will appreciate you more when you recognize the best qualities within him.

(5) Play the Waiting Games:

Most ladies are happy when they feel much attached. Men on the other hand are comfortable and most romantically aroused when they feel halfway between attachment and independence. If some men sense that they are becoming extremely attached to you, they feel trapped. Yet when they spend too much time alone, they feel isolated.

You have to use your intelligence to know when you are doing too much. Playing the waiting game helps you to identify what is most important to a man in a relationship and what men look for in a woman.

what men want in a relationship
What Is Most Important To A Man In A Relationship?


every man wants to be respected. If you want your man to live happily, respect him. Respect reciprocates. The amount of respect you give will equate to the way he will treat you. I know most ladies will be jumping and saying “it is a lie”. But that is the truth. Guys are very sensitive when it comes to their personalities. A good sizeable number of men doesn’t want to be belittled.

They want to feel like the head. Always use these words: please, thank you, I am sorry. It shows respect. Remember the golden rule “treat others the way you want them to treat you”. Don’t criticize your man in an ill-mannered way. Don’t just use pretense or lips saying when showing the act of respect. Respect him genuinely and he will reciprocate in a kindly manner.

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Physical Intimacy:

mastering the art of keeping the relationship alive, is an added advantage .expression of feeling, emotional closeness, romance shouldn’t slip away from you, what men want in a woman is beyond. Men value physical intimacy more than any other thing. Cuddle him, give him a hug and kiss, and lastly give him love making.

what men look for in a woman

What Men Look For In A Woman?

Good Sense of Humor:

men love to crack jokes, they prefer someone who can make them smile and relieve them of stress. A woman with a good sense of humor can easily get her dream man.

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Appearance and Attraction:

A popular axiom says that men are enticed by what they see whereas women are enticed by what they hear. good looking is an added advantage. most men want a woman that looks good. it is an outward sign of beauty and attraction. The more you look good the better chance of winning a man.

Acceptance and commitment:

submissive is what men are looking for. You must accept and willing to commit to the relationship. it will cost you your time, loyalty, finance, and even your comfort.

Communication and compatibility:

The ability to say what you want is what men are looking for. good communication and knowing if both of you are compatible.


Men want respect, pace, physical intimacy, someone who can initiate an idea. Men are lovely beings, they want to be happy and feel good. Changing to accommodate your partner should be your priority. But don’t change your personality just to accommodate your partner. If you feel the relationship is toxic and narcissistic just quit.



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