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The Most Common Types Of Relationship And Tips To Improve Yours.

The Most Common Types Of Relationship And Tips To Improve Yours.
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Curiosity has become the baseline in a relationship, what types of relationship? and how to improve your relationship? are questions left unanswered. Relationships constitute a fundamental element in the life cycle of human beings, and that is why numerous studies and research have been developed focusing on
the type of relationship that works and how to improve them.

In life, The interest in knowing the peculiarities and characteristics of the different types of relationships and how to improve your relationship has led to multiple classifications. Take a moment to reflect on your current relationship, is it the type you desired? At present, one of the taxonomies with the greatest social diffusion is the distinction between”healthy relationship” and “unhealthy relationship”. In this section, we focus on four types of relationships and how to improve them.

Types of relationships

Monogamous Relationship

This is a type of relationship in which a person has love making-affective relationships with their partner only. that is, they only have one partner at a time. this type of relationship is what some religions teach and two-third of the population want to abide by it. But the question here is; is this type of relationship realistic? why is love making important in a relationship? However, is it common for there to be people who cannot or do not want to maintain a relationship alone?. This leads to a question that researchers have been trying to answer for a long time: Are humans cut out to be monogamous? discover what types of relationship that works and how to improve your relationship.

Advantages of a monogamous relationship

  • The strong emotional bond which exists between partners
  • Fewer worries of STDs.
  • Respect and trust
  • Fidelity and honor

Disadvantages of a monogamous relationship

  • Low self-esteem
  • Jealousy
  • Lack of variety: it can lead to genital weakness because you are used to one love making style, with the same person, and makes the relationship boring.
  • It can lead to early death and loss of vibe: finding out you are Fidel and your partner isn’t can cause heartbroken leads to death on some occasions.

Independence Relationship

This type of relationship-focused on partners developing themselves and making themselves happy only without considering their partners. Partner tends to value their lone time more. On the contrary, this healthy bonding or dependence with others occurs when we can manage our own emotions and we are capable of regulating the emotions of the other person. We feel comfortable and confident in the relationship with others.

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Advantages of Independent Relationship

  • Take care of yourself without the help of your partner.
  • Perfect happy being alone.
  • Stand on your belief
  • It saves you the disappointment of your partner.

Disadvantages of Independent Relationship

  • The complication with your partner.
  • The feeling of insecurity from your partner
  • Likely feel depressed when asking for a favor from your partner
  • The assumption that people are like you and find it hard to maintain a good relationship

Karmic Relationship

This type of relationship is one in which one partner is striving to keep the relationship alive, at the expense of his/her comfort. While the other doesn’t care much about the relationship. They are souls that meet to resolve pending issues from past lives, to learn with that union, and forgive each other. it is also referred to as “soulmate”. Ultimately, this will help us solve and clean our karma.

Generally, karmic relationships are usually an antagonist in our lives, they teach us the hidden things that are beyond our understanding. The relationship causes us pain, conflict, and exhaustion.

The advantages of Karmic Relationship

  • Persistence in relationship
  • Loyalty and total submission
  • Cling to your soul for a lifetime
  • Liberal life
  • Goes beyond the physical; it’s a spiritual bond.

Disadvantages of Karmic Relationship

  • They are toxic and are time-consuming
  • It makes the other person less valued
  • Fear of how the relationship will end.
  • Less communication and makes the vibe fade away.

Reverse relationship

This is a type of relationship when a partner tends to be romantic at the start of a relationship but loses its vibes after some can happen vice versa. Most partners question why the loss of romance or the energy behind the spark. Why You Should Give Importance To Your Sexual Health

Advantages of Reverse Relationship

  • Knows each other want
  • It gives room to improve your relationship
  • Keep the relationship alive

Disadvantages of Reverse Relationship

  • It is narcissistic
  • Loss of value
  • Instability in relationship

Relationships are more of commitment and it continues to grow. Whatever types of relationship you find yourself, ensure to improve your relationship unless they are toxic to you. There’s a mechanism behind these types of relationships, and you can improve your relationship by following these 7 tips.

improve your relationship


Tips to Improve your Relationship

1.Pay Attention To Your Partner

Understanding your partner’s feelings at the beginning will help a formidable bond between the both of you. When your partner speaks, you have to know how to listen to him/her. Meanwhile, it is important not to take your partner as a critic and accept that it is up to them to share their feelings with you. Stop positioning yourself as a victim.

Your companion has needs (I’m not talking about primitives). Need to go out with their friends. Don’t demoralize your partner’s emotion, give them a listening ear and they will improve.

2. Keep a Clear Mind

To improve your relationship, always have a clear mind. be open to your partner. Don’t try to hide things unless you want to abandon the relationship. When the effort you put into a relationship no longer worth it, it is better that you move on. Periodically it’s better to end a relationship and learn from it than to work in a vacuum to keep it going. It doesn’t give room for you to run away at the slightest argument.

To know if your relationship is healthy and valid in the long term, experts recommend that you periodically assess it by asking yourself the following questions: Is it a toxic relationship? Are we co-dependent? Is my partner jealous? Is my partner disrespectful? Do you know how to bring out
the best in your partner? Does your relationship allow you to be yourself? Always weigh the pros and cons of your relationship.

If you don’t feel comfortable in your relationship, or it puts you at a disadvantage or hurts you more than it does you good, it’s probably not a good idea to continue.

3.Work on yourself before starting a relationship

Most people believe that by meeting their ideal partner, they will be eternally delighted. However, this thought is far from reality, in addition to putting incredible and unwarranted pressure on your partner. Indeed, studies show that people who are already happy before starting a relationship are much more satisfied in the long run.

Before starting a relationship, it’s important to find out what makes you happy. Take advantage of the fact that you are single to do activities that you enjoy as well as to share moments with your friends and
family. Also, avoid entering a relationship if you have personal issues to work out or are depressed, as your partner doesn’t have to be someone you have to rely on to heal your wounds. knowing these tips will help improve your relationship.

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improve relationship
4.Find out how your partner interprets things.

Everyone sees things differently. Take your time to find out how your partner reasons and acts. Notice which gestures your partner likes the most and which activities they prefer. Also, make sure that each of you communicates your preferences. This knowledge will allow you to better understand them and
appreciate who they are.

It will also save you from judging some of your decisions and actions. You will therefore be less prone to misunderstandings.

5. physical contact

Contact has long-term beneficial effects on your relationship. Indeed, receiving affection regularly increases feelings of trust, security, and support. Hugs are valuable. Also, sleeping naked is beneficial to the intimacy of a couple. the more contact you make with your partner the more you are improving your relationship, the better for you.

6.Know how to say No.

It is the basis of a good relationship. Doing things reluctantly only frustrates you. Get out of your head that if you say “no” to the other, they won’t love you anymore. Love does not mean complying with all the whims of the other. If the other holds it against you for the fact that you do not agree with them. you may have to dig into the “how” of their reaction.

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7.Find happiness first

Before you commit and be good in a relationship with another, find peace and be good with yourself, and be independent. go for what makes you happy, don’t die in silence in the name of protecting your relationship. Improve your relationship by finding a compatible partner who gives you joy.

Thus, respecting and knowing our partner should be our interest. Correlate compatibility to unite. create a bond of complicity that marks the foundations, where to build a mutual goal. For contributions and questions, feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

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