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Sexual Orientation Quiz To Ascertain Your Orientation

Sexual Orientation Quiz To Ascertain Your Orientation
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Finding one’s sexual orientation can be a tricky proposition. It depends on multiple factors that include one’s desire, companions, mood, and priorities among others. Sex orientation can vary from one individual to another which makes its determination more difficult. However, scientists have found out a solution to this problem by developing an effective tool in form of a sexual orientation quiz. Below is provided information on the formation and use of such quizzes that can help in the determination of a person’s sex-orientation accurately.

Aims and Objective of Sexual Orientation Quiz

Basic objectives of using sexual orientation quiz are –

  • Determination of the natural sexual inclination of a person;
  • Putting them in the particular category such as asexual, homosexual, heterosexual, and bisexual among others; and
  • Since the orientation is more psychic than physical the quiz is designed to bring out honest answers from the subject and concluding based on answers received.

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Framing the Sexual Orientation Quiz

Usually, the questions in the sexual orientation quiz are prepared as multiple choice answers. This means that the quiz will not only have questions to be answered but also 3-4 options to choose answers for each question. An example of such questions is as follows.

Question –Who creates an instant sex urge in you?

  • People of the same sex
  • Those coming from the opposite sex
  • Teenagers
  • Seniors in advanced age
  • Animals
  • All of the above
  • None of the above

Determination of Orientation by Analyzing the Answer

The type of sexual orientation of a man or woman can be determined based on the chosen answer. They will also be grouped into the appropriate category. For instance; if the answer to the question is people of the same sex then the answering person will be categorized as homosexual. Similarly, if the answer is animals the category will be zoosexual.

Similarly, people in different categories are grouped in one of the categories in the given list. However, this was only one of the various questions asked by experts, doctors, and especially the psychiatrists and there can be several other questions forming part of the quiz package.

There are many men and women that enjoy erratic daydreams based on their sexual desire. It is one of the harmless ways for getting sexual satisfaction by visualizing some exciting activities. It could be a person belonging to the opposite sex, same-sex, animals, both sexes, and any sex with an animal.

Some people love to daydream about violent sex and forced intercourse arousing them quickly and preparing them for traditional penetrating sex or solo masturbating that has become a common practice after the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic. Psychiatrists often try to bring out the causes of getting psychic problems by the patients about their traditional as well as daydreams from time to time.

The revelation helps them to give the best possible treatments to the patient and they also draft systematic sexual orientation quiz because it brings the hitherto blocked secrets out of the patient and helping in curing their patients.

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Determining Relationship Issues

One of the major areas in the life of a person is his or her relationships. This includes family, friends, associates, colleagues, friends, lovers, and many others. Here also a well-designed sexual orientation quiz can be used to identify the preference of the man or woman concerned. Usually, the quiz shall come up with questions like the following.

  • Who do you prefer to be in relation with?
  • Do you want the relationship to be platonic?
  • Will you agree to have sex with the person with whom you are in a relationship?
  • Do you think it is wrong having sex with relatives and friends?
  • What was your experience of sexual relationships with others?

The psychiatric taking up treatment of patients where learning about sexual orientation is essential can form customized quiz set. The questions listed above are only suggestive and not exhaustive. In any case; the knowledge about the sexual orientation of the patient is vital for effective treatment of his or her mental ailments among others.

Self Introspection through Sexual Orientation Quiz’s

Before any other one should know perfectly about his or her sexual orientation first all. The knowledge can clarify all the confusions one might have about his own sexual preferences. Surprisingly, many people do not know what they actually want so that they can enjoy qualitatively and contended sexual life.

In such a case also one can arrive at an accurate conclusion using well designed sexual orientation quiz. For example; the following questions can be considered as part of the quiz.

  • Are you attracted sexually towards a person in the same-sex category?
  • Do you prefer to have a member of the opposite sex as your sex partner?
  • Will you like your sexual relationship to become open and public?
  • Do you feel that your sex life and adventures should remain secret and secluded?
  • What is the ideal time and location for sexual activities according to you?

There may be similar other questions but the above questions can clearly bring out the sexual orientation of the subject facing and answering the quiz.

Partner Selection Preferences

When it comes to traditional penetrating sex or non-penetrative sexual activities the most important is a selection of the partner. When they prefer the partner, both men and women can get the best satisfaction taking their sexual enjoyments to a different level altogether. Well designed sexual orientation quiz can bring out the partner preference of a man or a woman easily.

Partner selection is also important in cases of masturbating together online as well as offline as physical proximity is not safe after the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic. Many men and women are resorting to online sex activities to escape coronavirus infections.

Sites that work as platforms for bringing together for masturbating together online also gather information about the clients through small sexual orientation quiz so that they can find the perfect match for them.

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