How To Keep A Relationship Alive And Make It Lead To Marriage

How To Keep A Relationship Alive And Make It Lead To Marriage

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The purpose of being in a relationship is to keep the relationship alive, integrate feelings, and make it a lead to marriage”. Relationships should provide companionship that is satisfactory, resourceful, and complementary. For this reason, relationships should not be taken for granted.

Nowadays, keeping a relationship alive has been a major challenge, thereby making it difficult for most people to settle down. Why don’t you try to sustain one and watch it lead to something more? Here are fifteen (15) good tips that you need.

Ways Of Keeping Relationship Alive

1. Physical Attraction


Physical Attraction A popular saying states that the way you dress is the way you will be addressed, thus, for you to maintain your relationship, you need to look good, no one wants to be identified with a messy partner. Your appearance should be your number one priority. You will be appreciated by your partner if you look good. The following are factors affecting your appearance:
•Mouth and body odour
• Putting on a dirty cloth

Always use a good toothpaste with menthol to brush your teeth regularly, wear a good body deodorant, especially when you want to meet with your partner, apply a nice body lotion, exercise regularly to stay healthy, do body grooming always, know the kind of clothing that suits you, eat healthy food and avoid junk.

2. Be yourself

be yourself

One of the reasons why relationships die easily is because one of the partners or even both tend to be whom they are not. More often than not, individuals present who they are not at the initial stage of the relationship, perhaps to impress their partner or get them to love them but in the long run, your partner starts to notice that you lied and or took a false identity in the beginning. Trust will go and the candle will dime, making the relationship flame off quickly. Present a true picture of yourself to your partner, you will gain trust doing so, be real, don’t try to promise what you can’t deliver. Spend within your finance. It will help keep the relationship alive.

3. Give room for compromise.

Because this is not a lone journey, you have to be ready for compromise. Things mustn’t happen your way all the time. There are times you need to discomfort yourself for your partner’s sake. Love is not selfish and thus, you must accommodate each other.

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4. Show up early for appointments.

keeping to time is a critical factor in relationships. When you are always in the habit of showing up late for appointments, it is only natural that your partner will start viewing you as unserious. As much as you can, try to show up on time when you have an appointment with your partner, it keeps the relationship alive, removes doubt and makes you more reliable, and conveys to the person that you value them. Don’t keep your partner waiting too long to avoid them having funny thoughts like you are seeing someone else or you don’t value them.

5. Make time for each other.


It is said that when the heart is willing, it has several ways but when it is not, it has several excuses. No one is too busy for the person they love. In every busy schedule, there is always time for leisure. Your time is the highest asset you have and to give it out means you value the person. Try to see your partner as often as you can, by so doing you will discover the lapses in your relationship and keep the relationship alive. Share your dreams, stay together, and reason how to move your relationship to the next level. This will enable you to know each other’s character.

6. Kiss each other often.

Most individuals do not like the act of kissing due to personal reasons. But kissing is affection. It makes your partner feel a sense of emotion towards you. Compliment most good act with a warm kiss. Kiss your partner good night and good morning. It relaxes the mind. Don’t forget your first kiss, always remember it, as it’s very important and keep the relationship alive.

7. Admit that you are wrong.

Nobody is beyond mistakes, don’t ever raise your ego when you are wrong, always say I am sorry, whether you are wrong or right. Wrong admittance does not reduce your person but ensures a better relationship. Make sure you are not repeating the same mistake over time to illuminate your tomorrow. It shows humility and respect for your relationship.

8. Keep secret that was entrusted to you.

It is usually very embarrassing when you find out that your secret is no secret anymore, you will feel betrayed. It takes trust for someone to be vulnerable with their secrets but when breached, it can be difficult, if not impossible to mend. Even if you are no longer together, secrets shared should be kept secret.

9. Be proud of your partner.

Where lies the essence of being in a relationship with someone you are not proud of? If you love your partner then show it, let there be a spark in your relationship. There is nothing to hide about. Let them know how proud of them you are, say it, act it, unless you are not proud of him/her.

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10. Take half the blame and half the credits.

Misunderstandings are like default settings of a relationship. Don’t always be quick to criticize your partner. Don’t shout to prove you are right, most people go extreme by beating up their partner. The problem will be easily resolved if you understand the other person’s feelings. give them attention and don’t always take the glory to prove without you the problem wouldn’t have resolved. It will make the person feel less important. Try to balance it. It gives you the lead to your new home.

11. Keep The Relationship Alive.

Don’t ever contemplate hating instead find a reason to love more. It is called unconditional love. Most relationships are full of complaints. No one is perfect and you can’t expect your partner to act exactly the way you wanted because you both grew up with different parents, different cultures, and even different views of life.

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12. Don’t be a Sunday kind of Love.

Most lovers only celebrate each other during remarkable events like birthdays, anniversaries, etc but love should be celebrated as often as possible. Share gifts with each other, go on dates and picnics even when there are no events. Be spontaneous.

13. Take a shower together.

While most people don’t feel anything in a relationship is because they haven’t discovered the sweet melody of old. After love making, that is all. But bathing together with your partner can reflame the initial spark and rekindle emotions. At the end of it, there will be no more room for shyness. You will discover how comfortable you will be with each other. There is nothing again that is hidden.


14. Take your time in lovemaking.

One of the aspects of a relationship is making love to your partner. Most men are quick to shoot the shot and ladies are often in a hurry to go. Your love making life shouldn’t be neglected, give it time. If this is not properly handled, it might lead to dissatisfaction. Enjoy your love makinguality before enjoying love making. That’s the only way you get the desired result and keep the relationship alive.

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15. Respect each other’s individuality.

That you are in a relationship doesn’t mean you should lose your individuality. A relationship is not slavery. Call before you visit, courtesy demands that. Don’t feel it doesn’t matter. Take permission if you want to search for their inbox. If you feel a speck of cheating, why not try to discuss it with your partner than skimming through their privacy. Perhaps one day, you will find what you are looking for and you will be disappointed.

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